Sonoff BASIC R1

Sonoff BASIC R1

Device Type: relay
Electrical Standard: global
Board: esp8266

This is a DIY solution, and you will need to have some knowledge of electrical wiring and enough capabilities to do this work safely.

The goal is to replace the light switch with one that can be controlled by home assistant, whilst retaining the ease of use of a standard light that would also continue to work if the network went down, or Home Assistant failed etc.

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Use a retractive style light switch. That is one that is spring loaded and so always returns to the off position. It's effectively a push button, that looks like a light switch.

If you have a Sonoff BASIC V1 devices GPIO14 is already presented on a pin header on the PCB next to the programming pins. On the V2 and V3 PCBs, there is a solder pad underneath the PCB that will let you get at this GPIO.

You have 2 choices when it comes to picking which GPIO to use. GPIO0 or GPIO14. GPIO0 is used by the push button switch on the the PCB so you will need to locate the right pin on the switch and solder a wire onto it if you\'re going to use that one. Whichever one you pick, you will also need to use the ground or 0V pin for the other side of the switch. Once you have soldered your wires into place, a handy tip is to add a drop of glue over the wire, a little way away from the solder joint, so give some strain relief to the joint.

Now you have a pair of wires from the GPIO and 0V to your retractive switch lets look at the code.

board: esp01_1m
- platform: gpio
number: GPIO14
input: true
pullup: true
inverted: true
id: button_1
- light.toggle: light_1
- platform: status
name: "My LS Status"
- platform: gpio
pin: GPIO12
id: relay_1
- platform: binary
name: "My Light"
id: light_1
output: relay_1
number: GPIO13
inverted: yes


If you wanted to use a pull cord switch (in a bathroom for instance) that works like a standard switch and changes state each pull (as opposed to a retractive switch that you press and let go) then you can change a single line on_press: to on_state: which will trigger the light toggle every time the state of the switch changes.

If you do this it's important that you do not use GPIO0, otherwise if the device reboots and the switch happens to be in the closed state the Sonoff will boot into flash mode and not work.

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