Martin Jerry STD01

Martin Jerry STD01

Device Type: dimmer
Electrical Standard: us
Board: esp8266

Martin Jerry STD01 3-Way Switch

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This TuyaMCU requires a baud rate of 115200.

You only need to disassemble the "master" device - the one with five wires. The other unit doesn't have any smarts in it. When you disassemble the device, mind the thumbwheel at the bottom of the switch. image You need to pull it apart from the top first or the thumbwheel will break off. image

The black and red wires on the harness are ground and 3.3V respectively. You will need to soldier wires onto GPIO0, TX, RX, and the Tuya MCU's reset pin. image The Tuya MCU's reset pin is number 11, and is active HIGH - you need to connect it to VCC. Be careful not to lift the trace soldering, though it's not the end of the word if you do. Note that the reset button on the switch itself kills the power supply. In my picture, the Tuya MCU reset is green, GPIO0 is black, TX is yellow, and RX is white.

Finally, the device won't function properly if the harness isn't plugged in - the ESP and the Tuya MCU refuse to talk to each other. I have not figured out why; I reconnected it, hooked it up to AC, and powered it up and insured it works.

GPIO Pinout

GPIO1Tuya Tx
GPIO3Tuya Rx

Basic Configuration

device_name: familyroom_light_1 #change
friendly_name: Family Room Light #change
icon: "mdi:light-switch"
name: ${device_name}
platform: ESP8266
board: esp01_1m
ssid: !secret wifi_ssid
password: !secret wifi_password
baud_rate: 0
rx_pin: GPIO3
tx_pin: GPIO1
baud_rate: 115200
- platform: wifi_signal
name: ${friendly_name} WiFi Signal
update_interval: 60s
- platform: uptime
name: ${friendly_name} Uptime
- platform: status
name: ${friendly_name} Status
- platform: "tuya"
name: ${friendly_name}
dimmer_datapoint: 2
switch_datapoint: 1
min_value: 20
max_value: 255
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