ESP32 Realy Board x8

ESP32 Realy Board x8

Device Type: relay
Electrical Standard: global
Board: esp32


Product description

This is a 8-relay board with an ESP32-WROOM-E.

Each relay has COM+NO+NC exposed. Product descriptions don't seem to specify maximum load. Each relay supports 10Amp max load, acconding to the label.

The board can be powered either via 7-30VDC or via 5VDC (separate connectors). It draws about 100mA with the relays off, and just over 500mA with all the relays on.

I bought it from:

GPIO Pinout

This board has headers for every GPIO pin on its ESP32.

5VDo not use 5V for programming
TXExposed on board 3.3V level!
RXExposed on board 3.3V level!
GPIO03.3V level! (Connected to a push button for programing)

Basic Config

name: ESP32 relayboard
platform: ESP32
board: esp32dev
# Status LED
- platform: status_led
name: "RelayBoard Led"
restore_mode: ALWAYS_ON
number: GPIO23
# 8 relay outputs, exposed as switches in Home Assistant
- platform: gpio
pin: GPIO32
name: Relay1
id: relay1
- platform: gpio
pin: GPIO33
name: Relay2
id: relay2
- platform: gpio
pin: GPIO25
name: Relay3
id: relay3
- platform: gpio
pin: GPIO26
name: Relay4
id: relay4
- platform: gpio
pin: GPIO27
name: Relay5
id: relay5
- platform: gpio
pin: GPIO14
name: Relay6
id: relay6
- platform: gpio
pin: GPIO12
name: Relay7
id: relay7
- platform: gpio
pin: GPIO13
name: Relay8
id: relay8
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