ESP32 Relay x2

ESP32 Relay x2

Device Type: relay
Electrical Standard: global
Board: esp32



A 2-relay board with an ESP32-WROOM-32E.

Each relay has COM/NO/NC terminals and is rated for a 10 A max load.

The board can be powered either via 7-30 VDC or 5 VDC (separate terminals).

An onboard button is connected to GPI00, and an onboard LED is connected to GPIO23.

It can be found on eBay and Aliexpress from multiple sellers.

GPIO Pinout

The board has headers for every GPIO pin on the ESP32. They are labeled on the reverse side of the board.

Pin Functions

GPIO0Onboard button
GPIO16Relay 1 (Outermost)
GPIO17Relay 2


Programming was done with a CP2102N USB-to-serial converter via the 6 pin header. The header is not a FTDI compatible pinout. ESPHome Web tools was able to flash the board after using the onboard buttons to enter programming mode.

Basic Config

name: esp32-relay-x2
board: esp32dev
# LED exposed as binary light
- platform: gpio
pin: GPIO23
id: output_led
- platform: binary
id: light_led
name: LED
output: output_led
# Relays exposed as switches
- platform: gpio
pin: GPIO16
id: relay_1
name: Relay 1
- platform: gpio
pin: GPIO17
id: relay_2
name: Relay 2
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