Mirabella Genio Monochromatic Bulbs

Mirabella Genio Monochromatic Bulbs

Device Type: light
Electrical Standard: global
Board: esp8266

The Mirabella Genio is a Tuya-based smart bulb sold by Kmart in Australia.


Basic Configuration

The brightness of the bulb can be controlled using the esp8266_pwm output component.

board: esp01_1m
- platform: monochromatic
name: "Mirabella Genio Smart Bulb"
id: light
output: output_component1
# Ensure the light turns on by default if the physical switch is actuated.
restore_mode: ALWAYS_ON
- platform: esp8266_pwm
id: output_component1
# May need to use GPIO14 instead for certain globes
pin: GPIO13
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