Lumary 13W Smart Disk Light B1

Lumary 13W Smart Disk Light B1

Device Type: light
Electrical Standard: us
Board: bk7231n
Difficulty: Plug-n-flash, 2/5

Box Front Back LED Array LED Driver Chip

Custom Firmware Needed

This device uses Beken BK7231N chip on CBU PCB module that comes with Tuya firmware. It can be flashed with ESPHome using cloudcutter following instructions here.

This requires a custom fork of ESPHome to complie the firmware for the Beken MCU as it is not natively support by ESPHome yet (

Cloudcutter relies on a vulnerability in the original Tuya firmware to work, so before attempting to use cloudcutter, pair the light using Tuya app on your phone (you can use a guest account), and check the firmware version (under Software Update section - be careful not to trigger the update though). The list of incompatible firmware versions is here. In case your version is not compatible, you can either resort to alternative flashing methods that requires disassembly and wiring, or you can try buying another unit of the same model (e.g., try alternative pacakaging - 4 pack instead of 1-pack, or vice versa).

GPIO Pinout

Due to the fact that this uses a custom ESPHome firmware the pin numbers start with a P instead of the usual GPIO

P6LEDLED Driver Clock
P7LEDLED Driver Data

Basic Configuration

device_name: My Lumary Disk Light
name: ${device_name}
board: generic-bk7231n-qfn32-tuya
version: latest
password: !secret ota_password
ssid: !secret wifi_ssid
password: !secret wifi_password
data_pin: P7
clock_pin: P6
- platform: bp5758d
id: output_red
channel: 3
- platform: bp5758d
id: output_green
channel: 2
- platform: bp5758d
id: output_blue
channel: 1
- platform: bp5758d
id: output_white
channel: 5
- platform: bp5758d
id: output_warmwhite
channel: 4
- platform: rgbww
name: ${device_name}
red: output_red
green: output_green
blue: output_blue
cold_white: output_white
warm_white: output_warmwhite
cold_white_color_temperature: 6500 K
warm_white_color_temperature: 2700 K
color_interlock: true
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