Arlec Grid Connect Smart LED Globe CWWW (GLD112HA)

Arlec Grid Connect Smart LED Globe CWWW (GLD112HA)

Device Type: light
Electrical Standard: au
Board: esp8266

Product Image

The Arlec GLD112HA Grid Connect Smart LED Globe CWWW is part of the Grid Connect ecosystem sold at Bunnings in Australia and can be converted using the tuya-convert method. The older stock has a higher success to flash vs the new stock. Make sure to check for the 4 or 5 digit code stamped on the bulb. The lower the number the better, however it is getting near impossible to find old stock now days.

In the past, it was necessary to rely on custom_components to be written for ESPHome to understand the two PWM signals as it was impossible to directly specify brightness and color_temp values under previous light platforms.

At the time of writing, you can now use the direct integration color_temperature platform from ESPHome. By using this platform, it opens up the ability to also add light effects to the bulb as well.

The GLD112HA uses a BP5926 chip to drive the LED's and this chip uses two PWM signals to set the colour temperature and brightness. The bulb comes in both B22 and E27 bayonet fitting.

GPIO Pinout

GPIO5PWM (brightness)
GPIO13PWM (color_temp)

Getting it up and running

Tuya Convert

As the LED bulb do not have any physical buttons, by turning the bulb on and off three times, you will enter pairing mode. This will cause the bulb to start flashing.

  • Connect and disconnect power from bulb three times.
  • The bulb will start flashing - this indicates the device has entered pairing mode successfully and is ready to see tuya-convert.
  • Follow tuya-convert flashing procedure.


# Basic Config
name: "arlec_GLD112HA"
platform: ESP8266
board: esp01_1m
esp8266_restore_from_flash: true
ssid: "SSID"
password: "password"
ssid: "arlec_GLD112HA"
password: "password"
key: !secret api_encryption_key
password: "password"
- platform: esp8266_pwm
id: dimmer
pin: GPIO5
- platform: esp8266_pwm
id: color_temp
pin: GPIO13
inverted: true
- platform: color_temperature
name: "Arlec GLD112HA"
color_temperature: color_temp
brightness: dimmer
cold_white_color_temperature: 5700 K
warm_white_color_temperature: 3000 K
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